The 44BMX Story

BMX was started with a tradition of simplicity. Neighborhood tracks, run what you got. But somewhere along the line, things got complicated. Grass-roots companies became big corporations and in some cases, the emphasis on the sport’s roots were lost. The sport of BMX has evolved in a lot of good ways and the technology and product development has exploded in recent years. This is good and 44BMX embraces it.
At 44BMX, we strive to strike a better balance between the technological evolution and the cost of quality parts. Simply put, we’re offering components that equal or exceed the quality of top brands but doing so in a much more affordable manner.
At 44BMX, we identified a handful of products that we can make really well – a handful of products that are in demand and in some cases can be used interchangeably for race, freestyle, park, etc…  Look for us to continue to evolve and add more products in the near future.